Langdal men - Brown, style 005


IMPORTANT regarding size of this shoe: Comfort is the keyword for Langdal and therefore this model has more air and space compared to many other shoes. You can reduce volume with the extra insole, which you will find in the shoe box with your new Langdal. We recommend that you measure your feet before choosing a size.

How to measure your foot

The Langdal is our brand new all-year-round shoe for everyday wear, school, work, travel or whatever the day brings. A beautiful lace-shoe made of 100% pure, natural wool and soft, chrome-free leather. Natural comfort is a key element for us when we design and develop our products. All materials are carefully selected and all natural with wool, leather, coir, natural rubber and organic cotton.

Part of project zero waste - the insole and midsole are made with coconut, which is a residual product from the food industry, but still works perfectly in our Langdal. The coconut is used to assemble the upper and gives softness to the insole and wearing comfort.

The Langdal is available in several different colors - here you see the Langdal in Brown with brown laces and the outsole in nature and black combination. Classic, stylish and a natural combination that goes well with everything from suits, jeans or shorts. You choose whether you want to wear the shoes with or without socks.

All Langdal are produced at our own factory in Poland - for us it is important that we can follow our products from farm to foot and therefore it is also important that we have our very own production facilities where we can ensure our DNA; all glerups are designed, developed and produced with respect for nature, animal and human. We hope you will feel the love and natural comfort in your new Langdal.

We greatly appreciate the reviews from glerups fans, from all over the world. See a selection of what our customers say about glerups here

- Laces made from organic cotton.

Leather upper

- High quality leather that is free of chrome and nickel
- Tanned without chemicals
- Double stitching

Wool upper

- 100% pure, natural wool both inside and out for optimal comfort
- Mulesing-free
- Soft and scratch-free wool
- Seamless stitching on the inside
- Wool is breathable and has a natural ability to keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat - 365 days a year

More than 30 years of product development and brand DNA where we never compromise on quality.

The heel

Four-layer heel cup that offers stability and comfort

- 100% pure, natural wool
- Chrome-free calfskin
- Leather fibres from Project Zero Waste moulded into a strong leather heel cup for stability and fit
- High-quality strong leather to protect the heel
- High-quality strong leather

The insole

- 100% pure, natural wool - our special wool blend - and coconut fibre
- Soft, durable and scratch-free.
- Recycled wool from our production (Project Zero Waste)
- Natural coconut fibre - residual product from the food industry
- Moulds and adapts to the shape of your foot during use
- For optimal comfort, we recommend using Langdal without socks
- Absorbs moisture, self-cleaning and temperature regulating

Binding sole

- Natural coconut fibres - residual product from the food industry.
- The coconut fibres dry in the sun and due to the simple handling process it has a low carbon footprint
- Effective material to support the upper and offers good breathability for the foot.

The outsole

- New design and 2-piece construction
- The pattern is designed to follow the natural movement of the foot
- Inspired by our classic slippers with natural rubber sole
- Strong and flexible natural rubber sole
- Available in different colour variations to match the design and our outfit for the day

The construction of Langdal


Use the extra insole in the shoebox to customize the fit.

Size chart Langdal


  1. EU
  2. UK
  3. Foot length in mm


Place the heel against a wall.

Measure from the wall to the tip of your longest toe.

Find the correct size in the size chart

Note - one foot is often longer than the other, so measure the longest foot. For children add 10 mm to the measured length,
leaving room for small feet to grow.

If you are unsure about what size to choose, you can use this Size chart. The chart is based on the
length of the lasts used for production. It can be used only indicative as the best way to find the right fit is by trying a physical model.
If you still order a wrong size, you can read "Terms and conditions" to find out how to proceed.

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