Warm and cozy feet

conserve your heat with glerups on your feet

The cold weather is upon us, and we stay indoor and enjoy the days with warm slippers and a cup of coffee or tea.
This year we are celebrating our 30th birthday, so gift your feet with the warmth of  glerups.

Cold feet equals a cold body. A pair of warm and cosy slippers can keep your feet warm and comfortable through a cold winter.

glerups Shoe junior Shoe with leather sole Denim

Away from the home

It is now getting colder in schools, kindergardens and workplaces.
Remember to take your slippers with you and keep your feet warm all day. It also gives a sense of coziness and well-being for tired feet.

Focus on the coziness

Candles create coziness and relaxation on the sofa does
miracles, fire in the fireplace and a blanket can keep both you and your home warm. With a warm pair of glerups slippers, you can feel comfortable at home.